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Frequently Asked Questions

Selling a French property

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have many questions about selling a property in France. We have listed the most important questions and answers for you below.

  • Selling a property in France, where do I start?

Is it urgent? At what price? Which sales channels do I use? Work with us to map out the sales tactic that suits you. We can also select the perfect French broker for you and thereby save considerably on the costs if we make the first contact. So that you can say goodbye to your property in France in a pleasant way and that you end up with a good selling price.

  • My parents want to return to the Netherlands, how do I do that?

France Estate Services has often been called upon to help in this type of situation. We organize the sale of the house for your parents and help you find further advisors.

  • What should I pay attention to when selling my French property?

First of all, the value of your home must be determined and sometimes a valuation is advisable.We arrange a real estate agent in the area, keep in touch with him and make sure he works hard for you. There are many technical reports to be established. It is important to exclude liabilities for you in the sales contract. And of course there are the negotiations with the buyers and the legal settlement of the sale. Know that we can help you with all those steps!

  • Should I contact a French broker?

Communicating with estate agents in France is not always easy. The language, and certainly the real estate language, is often a challenge.We know the French estate agents, speak fluent French and the real estate language . In addition, and last but not least, we can realise a significant saving for you if we are the first to contact a broker in France.

  • What is the big difference with selling a home in the Netherlands?

In addition to all the legal differences, France, for example, does not have a Funda, as is the case in the Netherlands. That calls for other ways to promote your French property. With the real estate agent in the area, but also online and via our website, we bring your property in France to worldwide attention.

  • How do I determine a correct asking price?

We advise you on the right asking price of your French property in close cooperation with various local specialists. And about the right sales tactics.

  • What are the legal pitfalls when selling a property in France?

There are quite a few legally required technical reports to look at if you want to sell your French property. Think of energy balance, presence of lead, asbestos and termites, natural disasters, electrical installation, septic tank, and so on. It is always important to ensure that you do not become liable for possible defects. We are happy to help you with that! We always check on the presence of the "decennale", the 10-year legally required warranty insurance for new construction works.

  • How can I promote the sale of my French property?

Make sure that the property is tidy and neat.A little paint can work wonders. Small improvements to the home often have a big effect. By subsequently taking good photos of a tidy and refurbished property, everyone will be attracted! Look here for more TIPS.

  • How do I promote my French home?

When your apartment, house, farm or castle is tidy and in order and you have good photos, the promotion can start. We are happy to help you with that. Through our Dutch and foreign network, social media, our well-visited website and other channels, we bring your French home to worldwide attention. Talk to us about the possibilities.


Total guidance or partial service

You can contact us for total guidance when selling a property in France. But we are also happy to help you with one particular step. Also take a look at our SPECIFIC SERVICES.


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