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The best knowledge of the French real estate market

Buying and selling tips

Tips for buying a property in France

  1. Select the area where you want to buy carefully.

  2. Let us approach the estate agent(s) having interesting objects for sale. If we establish the first contact we can realise an interesting cost saving for you.

  3. Never sign a ‘bon de visite’, ‘offre d’achat, ‘ promesse de vente ‘,’ compromis de vente ‘ or other legal document without consulting us first.

  4. Leave the negotiations to us to achieve the most favourable deal.

  5. Important points of attention:

    • mandatory diagnostics / technical reports

    • architectural/constructional condition of the property (not mandatory)

    • legal issues: servitudes, building permits, provisions zoning plan/PLU/POS, etc.

More tips for buying a property in France? Contact us.

Tips for selling your home in France

  1. Set up a sales plan with us by using our handy checklist.

  2. A buyer decides within the first 90 seconds! So make sure that your property, garden and swimming pool are in optima forma!
  1. Small amount, big impact! A freshly painted house, a clean facade, cushions, flowers and well-kept lawn or balcony can make the difference.
  1. Present your property in optimal form. Make sure that no non-relevant clutter will distract the viewer. You only have one chance of a good first impression!
  1. Arrange for a photographer or use a professional camera.

More tips for selling a property in France? Contact us.

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