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The best knowledge of the French real estate market

100% assistance with the sale of your house, villa, apartment in France

France Estate Services supports sellers of French real estate during the entire sales process and thereafter. We have all the knowledge, contacts and experience in relation to selling French property. We attend to everything. We advise, avoid risks, solve problems and will do everything to realize the best possible sales transaction for you.


Selling your house in France is done together with France Estate Services!


What are the stages of the sales process

1. Determine a realistic asking price

By consulting with estate agents, experts and local contacts, we will advice on a realistic asking price. Sometimes it is advisable to have a valuation carried out by appraisers appointed by the court. We have such appraisers in our network.

2. Appoint the appropriate estate agent(s)

Checking the ‘mandat (s) de vente’ with the estate agent(s).  Tight monitoring of the activities of the estate agents, such as their online promotion. When selling take into consideration that the estate agent’s commission amounts to usually 5 to 6% of the sales price to be increased with TVA (VAT). If we make the first contact with the real estate agent, we can realize a considerable cost saving for you.

3. Presentation of the property

We will actively promote your property online. On our website, on social media, but also on worldwide online portals. A targeted online promotion campaign is also possible.

4. Negotiations

We conduct all negotiations with potential buyers for you to realize the best possible transaction.

5. Prevent liability

Arranging for the mandatory technical reports (energy balance, presence of lead, asbestos or termites, natural disasters, electrical installation, fosse septique (septic tank), etc.). Making sure that you do avoid unwanted liability for hidden defects.

6. ‘Decennale’

Special attention for the possible absence of the ‘decennale’ , the 10-year legal guarantee insurance by the constructor on new constructions or renovations of your property.

7. Legal settlement.

Sale price agreed? Then we supervise the legal recording of all conditions in the pre-agreement (‘compromis de vente’ or ‘promesse de vente’) and the notarial deed of transfer (‘acte notarié de vente’ or ‘acte de vente’). We avoid undesirable stipulations (liabilities) and add useful and protective clauses.

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