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Advies en begeleiding bij de aankoop of verkoop van uw huis in Frankrijk

France Estate Services at your service

Advice and assistance with the purchase or sale of your home in France

Purchasing a property in France

It is not every day that you buy a property. Let alone in France!  The contact with estate agents, the complicated negotiations in French, the reports, the necessary permits, the agreements, the specific French legislation and the various French regulations. Matters that make buying your dream property in France less attractive. Fortunately you can rely on the advice and support from the experts of France Estate Services. From finding a property to realising a commercially attractive deal with the safe legal and practical completion thereof.

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Selling a property in France

France Estate Services also supports you if you want to sell your property in France. Together with you we will determine the right sales tactics and we will take care of all mandatory technical reports. We select the perfect estate agents with whom we stay in contact for you and with whom we can realise a significant cost saving for you. We will optimally present your property for prospective buyers via international estate agents, online, on our website and via social media. We will also negotiate with the buyer and/or buyer’s legal representative on your behalf and we will deal with the legal recording of all conditions in the agreements and deeds. In doing so, we prevent risks and liabilities for you.

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Specific services

France Estate Services can assist you each step of the purchase or sales process.  We can also assist you if you need help with one or more specific parts of our services.

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