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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a French property

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have many questions about buying a property in France. We have listed the most important questions and answers for you below.

  • Buying a property in France, where do I start?

France has many different regions and departments, each with its strong features. Do you want to live on the coast? In the woods? In the mountains?In the countryside? In a city, small village or in the middle of nowhere?Buying a property in France starts with determining the location.

  • How do I find a (holiday) home in the region /department of my choice?

Once you have determined the French region/department where you want to buy, the type of house of your dreams will follow. What kind of house do you have in mind? Apartment, house, farm, castle? With lots of land, outdoor enclosures and a swimming pool? Any other wishes? What is your budget? We will then be happy to help you find the right property at the location of your choice.

  • Should I contact a French broker?

Communicating with estate agents in France is not always easy. The language, and certainly the real estate language, is often a challenge. We know the French real estate agents, speak French fluently as well as the real estate language .And last but not least, we can realise attractive savings for you if we are the first to contact a broker in France.

  • How do I find out the realistic price of a property in France?

There is a lot to consider when determining the value of the French property of your choice. France Estate Services will look at all aspects in and around the house, the environment and the department/region. We are well experienced in valuations for the purchase of French real estate.This way you can be sure that you are not paying too much.

  • I don't speak the language: how should I negotiate?

The French language is often a stumbling block in negotiations. But don't forget the emotional side either. If you are too eager to buy a property (in France), you run the risk of saying "Oui" too quickly and paying too high a price. If we are allowed to negotiate for you with the selling party , we will get the most out of it for you. We speak French fluently, stay cool and know the game of negotiation .

  • What legal pitfalls are there?

If you want to buy a property in France, you will find that there are quite a few snags. Complicated technical reports, permits that may or may not exist, contracts, specific French laws and regulations, sometimes different per region. We will make sure that your interest will be optimally served.

  • Does it matter if it is a second home or the main residence?

As a rule, it does not matter whether you are going for a second home in France or for a main residence, but it depends on local legislation. France Estate Services is happy to show you the way.

  • What can I do if I want to renovate?

As a rule, you may renovate indoors, provided you adhere to the building regulations. But as soon as you change or want to expand something on the outside, a permit is required. France Estate Services is happy to help you with this.

  • What is the big difference with buying a home in the Netherlands?

France does not have a home purchase website like Funda. The legal rules of the game and required technical reports for real estate in France are also different from those in the Netherlands. Quite a few problems may arise, such as problems with building permits, zoning regulations, technical reports, etc. We are happy to solve all these kinds of problems for you!

  • Are there still differences per region in France when it comes to buying a house?

Yes, the rules for buying a property in France can differ from region to region. Thanks to our experience and local specialists, we can tell you what is and is not allowed in the region of your choice.


Total guidance or partial service

You can contact us for total guidance when buying a property in France. But we are also happy to help you with one particular step. Also take a look at our SPECIFIC SERVICES..


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